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quirky, dangerous, naughty, kinky.
let's travel to edgy places.
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late nite encounters

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what a spectacular steampunk motherboard



Alice Ferrow, on Tumblr

Huh. Whales have destroyed ships, swallowed a man due to a higher power. They could even support an ecosystem for all we know.

We could be living in the belly of the beast and not even know it in this vast universe. Just a thought.

A lady signals to a lonely lighthouse with a mirror with keys drawn on the wall. she could be possibly trapped dreaming of some hero to come save her and thinking someone maybe in the lighthouse.


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let’s rave

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Juan & Diëgo aka Juan y Diëgo Mejía (Bogotá, Colombia) - Otesánek, 2011     Drawings

oh wow

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evil sperm is out hunting

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evil plushies are exploding